Our Passion is to bring an understanding of Mindfulness to you all.

Our Objectives are

Make Mindfulness easy to understand

Show how it works and why it works

How you can benefit from using it

Help you to experience mindfulness

Share our learning's and knowledge

Make it practical and simple to use daily for your personal well-being and benefit

Mindfulness Schools Ireland - Bahrain   (Co-Founder & Partner)

Fatima Al Mansoori is an Adjunct Professor at the Human Consciousness &
Yogic Sciences department at Mangalore University, Award winning Bahraini Humanitarian Social Worker, SDGs (United Nations Global Goals) Ambassador, and a Yoga Therapist with over five years of clinical experience at several health centers in Bahrain.

Fatima was able to guide hundreds of patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle resulting in finding relieve from chronic conditions and improving quality of life.
Fatima Al Mansoori is also an International speaker, lecturer, and a columnist, she has received many awards and Certificates of appreciation from Global Organizations, Ministries, Universities and Institutes for her Humanitarian contribution to society.

Fatima is passionate about mindfulness, yoga and a healthy lifestyle and the roles they play in our overall Mental Health and Wellbeing. Combining her experience with yoga, healthy living and mindfulness, Fatima has a desire to spread awareness to as many as possible and contribute to making beneficial changes in this world we live in.  

Fatima Al Mansoori (AdjunctProfessor)

Co- Founder & Partner (Mindfulness Schools Ireland - Bahrain)

​What We Do

Unit 31 Northpoint Business Park, New Mallow Road, Cork

Mindfulness Schools Ireland (Partner) 

Sue Landsberg

Sue's interest in mindfulness began in 2012.  Sue had lived with debilitating anxiety since she can remember. It prevented her from living life the way she wanted to,  leading to missed opportunities and unhelpful coping mechanisms. Sue had searched for ways to relieve and manage anxiety.  Sue initaly  was attuned to the energy healing modality of Reiki in 2012 which brought me inner peace and a mindful way of living. Then Mindfulness found me! It is what has helped Sue the most. She learned practical skills not just to manage but to thrive. Learning about self-love, empathy, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, thought patterns and emotions to name a few has changed her life in a profoundly positive way.  Sue also discovered running which gave her everything she was looking for, inner peace, belief in myself and a healthy outlet for anxiety and stress. Running is a mindful and meditative sport and she quickly became hooked. The longer she runs for, the better she feels.

Yoga is also a meditative and mindful practice which focuses on flexibility and strength of mind and body. Since pursuing this healthier lifestyle Sue feels happier than ever and feels more balanced and fulfilled.
Sue awakened to how interconnected we all are yet how disconnected we live our lives. Despite achieving their idea of success, many people are unhappy and dissatisfied but cannot understand why,  always seeking something better.

There is a rise in depression, addiction, stress, anxiety and disease even amongst our youth. Due to the profound impact Mindfulness has had on her life and based on what she has studied, Sue wishes to share mindfulness techniques with others as she believe it can positively change lives. Sue has facilitated Mindfulness to young children, teens and adults in South Africa since 2014 and has taught mindfulness and yoga at preschools in Cape Town prior to returning to Ireland in July 2018.

Sue's Qualifications

The Chilled Out Child - Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids -4 - 18 yrs.  Affiliated with Yoga Alliance International.
Beaming Kids Yoga and Mindfulness age 4-12.  2018.
Mindfulness for teens 12-18yrs. The Irish Mindfulness Institute.
Mindfulness for teens,  CAS, Centre for Adolescent Studies, USA.
Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, New Skills Academy.
The Science of Happiness, The Greater Good Science Centre, UC Berkeley, USA.
Mindfulness and the Brain, Peace In Schools, USA. 2019.
Training delivery and evaluation with distinction, QQI level 6, WMC Galway. 2019.

Meet Our Staff...

James P White (M.D.I.C.H.P) 

Founder (Mindfulness Schools Ireland)

Sue Landsberg

Partner & Senior Trainer (Mindfulness Schools Ireland)

Contact: 0353-873385640

A bit more about Fatima

Fatima Al Mansoori is an Internationally Accredited Institutional Yoga Therapist and Wellness & Lifestyle Coach from Bahrain. She is a Humanitarian Social Worker, and an Adjunct Professor at the Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences department in Mangalore University.
Her journey started after she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and narcolepsy caused by a disorder known as Fibromyalgia. When Doctors told her there was no cure and the prescribed medications failed, Fatima sought the path of self-healing adopting a Yogic Lifestyle which completely cured her condition over time. Later, when people asked her for advice, she realized her mission in life. She set out to learn more and to make herself available to serve people and dedicate her life to helping others increase their self-awareness.

She is a well known influencer in Bahrain, She developed a unique treatment protocol & was able to guide hundreds of patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle resulting in finding relieve from chronic conditions and improving quality of life since she begin her journey in 2011, leading to her appointment at the BDF Hospital (Bahrain Defense force Royal Medical Services) in 2014, she is also an International Speaker and a columnist with several well known Newspapers and Magazines, she appeared in many Radio and TV shows. She Received more than 50 awards and Certificates of appreciation from Global Organizations, Ministries, Universities and Institutes for her Humanitarian Social Activities Including PAAN Best Social Worker Award by Hon. Justice Kurian Joseph (Judge, Supreme Court of India) who came all the way to Bahrain for the award ceremony in appreciation of her determined & dedicated courageous relief activities during the Kerala flood in August 2018. and Honorary Champion for Peace Membership from The World Connection of Champions of Peace.

Her outstanding professional experience and contribution in the field led to her appointment as an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Human Consciousness and Yogic Science at Mangalore University in 2017.

Her efforts in promoting well-being got recognized by the United Nations GCC information Center, as her role as an Activist to promote well-being certainly supports the Global Sustainable Development Goal Number 3 (Good Health & well-being).

J.P. White  (Our Founder and Senior Trainer)

After years suffering with low self-esteem and confidence, high anxiety, stress and depression, in 2007 James decided that something needed to change. He sought help and understanding to overcome these challenges which lead to his life becoming much happier, more fulfilling and personally successful. As a result of this transformation and using mindfulness daily, he also found his passion which is to help others, assisting them in transforming themselves, so they can reach their full potential as well. Mindfulness has really changed the way he looks at life overall.
James has trained under leading Mindful Educators,  including Megan Cowan (Co-Founder of Mindful Schools) and the Mindful Schools Team whom are leading mindful educators for mindfulness for children. Whilst James also study's world renowned Mindful practitioner's such as Jon-Kabatt Zinn, Dr Dan Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh and many more inspiring mindful teachers.
James also has a vast knowledge of the mind learning from leading world leading trainers and therapists including Dr. Joe Keaney (ICHP) with over 35 yrs. Dr Keaney is one of the most experienced and respected ethical practitioners of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in Ireland and has also trained thousands of Hypnotherapists in Ireland and abroad and is the founder of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Training School. Peter George whom has over 20 years in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypno-psychotherapy with particular relevance to Self-development, Trans-personal Development and Mental Health and Well-being and is Director of Studies (ICHP Australia). 
Using all of this training and experience, James has hosted well over 1,000 hours Mindful workshops, retreats and courses, with groups and 1 to 1 sessions, helping real people with real problems create better lives. He also has over 40 years facing his own personal life challenges. All of this gives him a vast knowledge of the mind and how we can suffer, and the possibilities for breaking through and overcoming our challenges, moving forward to create a better life and our own personal success, Mindfulness has played a massive part in this transformation and to living a more full-filling life. 

James holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy 

Fetac Level 6 Train the Trainer

A bit more about James

Having struggled through life and its challenges for over 39 yrs, progressing from a humble bar person to a senior executive with an international company, striving for success both financially and personally battling with daily struggles from a young age, not knowing how to deal beneficially with these challenges and on occasions turning to other means of coping. A day came when questions like these just would not stop coming up;

What is my purpose ?

How can I be happy ?

Why is life so difficult ?

What do I need to do to succeed ?

There were many many more different variations of those types of these questions consistently reoccurring in his mind every day. It seemed that life was just a constant struggle and there would be no happiness that lasted for very long. Yes there were happy times but these were short lived and were overshadowed by the many other negative experiences. What was the answer ?

This is where the journey started, James began to study and research the workings of our mind. Researching many different types and variations of self help techniques, from spiritual, mediumship, psychic, CBT (Congnitive Behavioural Therapy), Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Councelling, Transpersonal Therapy to name a few and then eventually finding and experiencing Mindfulness. 

He found that all the above were extremely beneficial to one's self help, however Mindfulness actually brought them all together, in simple to understand, easy to use ways, and his life changed. He actually changed his profession and studied and qualified as a Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist using a range of different techniques some of which are mindfully based and he began to assist his clients overcome their challenges.

Mindfulness had such an impact on him that he then decided to explore this in more detail and took a range of different mindful based training experiences and learnings and proceeded to put together his own Adult Mindfulness 6 week programmes with great success. The difference people found by actually understanding mindfulness and how simple it was to use once you understood it. The benefits were amazing and life became much more enjoyable for those that got it.

 So adults could get it, but what about children ? If kids could get it too, perhaps then growing up may not have to be such an ordeal like it was for so many of us. This lead to James gaining more training about how to bring mindfulness to children.

And hence Mindfulness Schools Ireland was created. It is our goal here at Mindfulness Schools Ireland to teach all about mindfulness and it's benefits, to give you the experience and the understanding that will too change your life and those around you.