2019 Mindfulness Schools Ireland Joins forces with Professor  Fatima Al Mansoori from Bahrain and launch 

Mindfulness Schools Ireland - Bahrain 


"Bringing Mindfulness to Children"

A full school curriculum programme for Teachers. This programme includes, mindfulness understanding and practice, Yoga, healthy living, Humanistic understandings.  This programme has been a collaborative together with one common goal .The goal is to provide teachers and those working with children, a guide to follow where the message is the same for all. Including Mindfulness, Yoga, Healthy Living, Love, Compassion, Gratitude and much more. This programme will benefit everyone involved, both adults and teachers. 

Just some of the benefits that have been found are

Attention is Improved
Emotional Awareness

Emotional Control
Self Awareness not only to one's self but to others as well

 Bahrain Programme Includes

Personal mindfulness
Psychological understandings
Understanding our Mind


Healthy Living
Video Demonstrations and Learning's
Mindful Experience's
Mindful Techniques
A personal mindful manual
Full 12 lesson children's Plan 

Children's Mindful Journal


Programme  for Teachers, Parents and anyone working with children

Teaching Children Mindfulness  

This program is dedicated to help teachers of all area's how to present mindfulness in the class room or play school

or any area where teachers are working together with children.

Mindfulness compliments SEL(Social Emotional Learning) programmes  if there are already in place.

You will find the benefit's for both the teachers and the children creating an atmosphere where 

Attention is Improved

Emotional Control is heightened

Self awareness to one's self & to others improves 

At the end of the training programme everyone will be have been given tools and manuals for reference and to use

for the children they work with including extra resources to help  with shaping future lessons. Also provided is a private Facebook Group for sharing ideas and activities and information between each other and for any questions or challenges to be discussed.

We have programmes to choose from there is one to suit everyone. We can also tailor make a programme for you

2 Day Workshops

6 weekly sessions

4 weekly sessions

All Programmes include

​Personal mindfulness
Psychological understandings
Understanding our Mind
Video Demonstrations and Learning's
Mindful Experience's
Mindful Techniques
A personal mindful manual
Full 10 lesson children's Plan 

4 Week Mindfulness Courses

6 Week Introduction to Mindfulness & Self Development

This course is ideal for you if you want to learn and understand and experience mindfulness for the

first time.

It gives you a basic understand and simple techniques that will help you with you daily challenges. 

4 Week Advance Mindfulness & Self Development

This course is suitable for those whom have already completed the Introduction course or to

those whom already have experienced mindfulness and want to take it to the next level.

4 Week Developing Your Mindfulness Practice 

This is suitable for those whom wish to develop their own personal daily / weekly practice in mindfulness.

Corporate Programs / Mindfulness in Work

Contact us for more information

​One to One Personal Self Developments

All our 1 to 1 sessions are specifically client focused on exactly what you are looking to achieve. Using our knowledge and learning we develop a specific programme totally for you, assisting you to succeed with you goals.

One to Ones are avaiable for Adults & Children

Contact us for more information


We host various different retreats each year, focusing on different aspects of your personal development. These range from, mindfulness meditation, various different group self development programmes, and we will be furthering our retreats to international trips very soon. Our retreats are again specifically developed for you and are a wonderful way to explore your true You. All our retreats will be advertised on our Facebook Page, so follow us and keep up with all the news and helpful information there.

Home Group Mediation Nights

Our home group meditation nights are where we come to yours and you host the night with your friends. Most of our group nights are meditation based and are used as a way to keep up personal practices. We again can develop a specific night just for you and your requirements so please contact us and we will be only to grateful to assist you.

Our Programmes

Parent & Children Mindfulness Course

This 6 week course is ideal for those whom wish to bring mindful awareness to their children. You will learn easy to understand and easy to use techniques for your kids. This will help them with self regulation, and self focus. 

This is an easy to understand and easy to practice programme, developed for you and your kid's. And remember fun, fun and laughter is a great way of connecting and in this course we promote fun and laughter.

The benefits for your kid's are, they become more aware of themselves, their feeling's and emotions. it will assist with better self control for their own well-being. they will learn different basic techniques that will promote and develop, improved attention, better self control and above all better self awareness.


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