School Programmes

James Thank you for running such a worthwhile course for our teachers and staff. I found the programme has helped the children relax more and some even used it at home too. The course has been beneficial in my personal life too and I will continue using it going forward. Cork
Mindfulness has helped the children express their emotions more easily and feel more relaxed. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot for my own life as well as the lives of the children. Cork

I Found the program has helped the children relax more and some even used it at home too. Waterford
The course has been beneficial in their personal life too and will continue using it going forward. Cork
Mindfulness helped really the children express emotions and how they feel. Waterford
Really enjoyed the course and learned a lot for my own life as well as the lives of the children. Cork
The program has really helped to allow the children to feel more relaxed. Cork

My experience of the 2 days was very positive, i enjoyed it immensely. Waterford

The course was delivered in a very simple way which allowed me to gain a better understanding and insight, thank you. Waterford

This course is of extreme value to everyone involved in working or caring for children and those whom would like an understanding in the foundations of mindfulness. Waterford

The Children have told me how they have used it in situations like, bullying, grief and family sickness.  It is helping them be aware of their emotions and feelings and how they can deal with these. It's great they are learning this at such a young age :-). Waterford

6 Week Course

​​Was a bit sceptical at first but what an amazing class. I looked forward to every Sunday, Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the class and please keep me updated with any more that are coming up. 

Great class loved the interaction and discussions every week.  Fab to hear everyone's different experiences, helped me thoroughly.  I loved the me-time every week and can't wait for the follow-up class.

Brilliant class, easy to follow and really like the different experiences,  keep me informed about the up and coming ones. thank you so much.

 3 Hr Introduction Workshops

Thank you for taking the time to talk, teach and listen all at the same time.  I really enjoyed the course and loved the activities. Cork

The course helped me a lot and how to manage my thoughts, the open discussions were very interesting too with the group. Cork

I loved the down to earth style and presentation, and the breaks were just right,  great day overall. Limerick

Really liked the everyday simple to understand explanations. Found the interaction of the group a bit slow at the start but we got there in the end and it was great to hear everyone else's opinion on the techniques and their experiences. Fab course overall.l Limerick

Liked everything about the course, really good looking forward to the next one.   Waterford

I liked the healthy balance between the talks, discussions and exercises. Limerick

Very informative, the instructor was very approachable and made everyone feel relaxed and it found the openness of the group brilliant. Cork

I really enjoyed everything thank you for a wonderful day. Waterford

I got a great insight into how mindfulness works and the way it was delivered, very understandable and down to earth. Limerick

Everything was covered as per the description and I enjoyed it all great day. Cork

I like the whole course, the exercises, the discussions, the hints and tips. Waterford

Well put together and moved along at the right pace, good 1-day course, I would recommend it. Limerick

Like the openness in the discussions and the course set up was just right. Cork


A wonderful weekend, I loved it, looking forward to the next one :-)

Really enjoyed the weekend, especially the group social evenings

Great weekend, thank you for sharing it with me

Lovely weekend, wouldn't change anything about it.

1 to 1 Mindfulness

This course has changed my life. Cork

I now understand the workings of my mind.

Realised my triggers and can now control my reactions.

Group Meditation Evenings

A wonderful relaxing evening with friends.

Lovely experience. Definitely will be doing this more regularly.

All my friends loved it and we look forward to the next one.